Monster truck trike crushes everything in its way while keeping the rider from sinking in snow and sand

Standard Bearer Machines’ new Juggernaut is all muscle

It’s hard to look tough when riding a trike, but if you’re ever seen riding this three-wheeled cycle of muscle, you’ll probably get more “oohs” and “aahs” then laughs and mocks.


Taking full advantage of the rising fad that is fat-tired bikes, Rungu’s new Juggernaut adds a third wheel to not only crush anything that gets in the rider’s way, but also make it easier to ride on soft surfaces.


The aforementioned soft surfaces would, of course, be sand snow, which fat tire bikes are designed for. With the additional front wheel, the bike is less likely to sink or get stuck; it also adds stability and helps the rider stay balanced when traversing uneven surfaces.


The two front wheels turn together thanks to some intelligent linkage assembly, and with all the bracket space plus two handlebars, there’s plenty of room for multiple Bluetooth speakers to be clipped on.


Do note that while this bike is probably every bit as awesome as it sounds, there is a LARGE price tag associated with owning such a well-engineered piece of cyclary. Starting price: $2500.

Plus tax.

Plus shipping.

Maybe I’ll just sit here and admire the bike via the promo video the group put together instead: