Make your tweets a fashion statement


Pretty Famous Celebrity Wears a Dress with 2,000 LED Lights That Shows Her Tweets<br />By Casey Chan<br />Nicole Scherzinger, who&#8217;s famous for once being a singer for the Pussycat Dolls but is still famous because she&#8217;s smokingly attractive, wore a Twitter Dress to an event. Not a dress designed by Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang but a dress with 2,000 LED lights that display Tweets sent to her.[[MORE]]<br />The dress which has 3,000 Swarovski crystals along with those LED lights was created by CuteCircuit. The dress is actually rechargeable via USB and the lights scroll tweets sent to the Twitter account @EE and the hashtag #tweetthedress. Hot or not? [Huffington Post, Image Credit: Getty]

Nicole Scherzinger manages to ride her fame being one of the really really hot singers in the Pussycat Dolls.  The Pussycat Dolls are no longer relevant, but this super-tech LED dress is.  Wearable technology is the new new.  This LED dress with 2000 integrated LEDs displays tweets sent to the Twitter account @EE and the hashtag #tweetthedress.

How many people do you think sent X-rated tweets to Nicole?  I hope they have some filters on that.  Take it off!!

Source: Gizmodo

Image Credit: Getty

10 Hottest Zombie Girls

Zombies are the new Vampires

Halloween is just a few weeks away now, along with the season premiere of The Walking Dead, which means it’s time for…ZOMBIES! If you’ve been feeling the hankering for a hunk of fresh, hot, human brains don’t panic – you are not alone. In fact soon you’ll be part of the horde! Arrgh! Brains!

From Michael Jackson’s Thriller to Resident Evil’s 5th incarnation to AMC’s The Walking Dead it seems they are everywhere! Zombies have always been cool if you think about it – but lately they are getting the red carpet treatment they so richly deserve. Brad Pitt is even set to star in the film adaptation of World War Z, the New York Times bestseller from Max Brooks (who also wrote the Zombie Survival Guide). The film has had some production delays but promises to be a smashing success. As the Boombotix resident “zombie expert” I’m going to see it at the midnight screening for sure – whether that’s in December or next June.

According to one new source zombies are now worth over 5 billion dollars to the economy! That’s books, movies, videos, music, and blogs plus merchandise. One of the things contributing to this is a sudden uptick in the love of dystopic fiction – end of the world scenarios that involve complex interactions between morally divergent survivors fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Think Hunger Games or the new NBC show REVOLUTION. Max Brooks had this to add on his website…

“I think they (zombies) reflect our very real anxieties of these crazy scary times. A zombie story gives people a fictional lens to see the real problems of the world. You can deal with societal breakdown, famine, disease, chaos in the streets, but as long as the catalyst for all of them is zombies, you can still sleep.”

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Call Me Maybe, the Creepy Chat Roulette Dude Version

Chat Roulette Meets ‘Call Me Maybe’ With Hilarious Results

By now we’re certain that you’ve heard of Carly Rae Jepsen, the girl who sings “Call Me Maybe” and who has, inadvertently, spawned countless parodies. If you haven’t we’ll give you this moment to VIEW THE ORIGINAL and catch yourself up to speed.

For about as long as anyone can remember the hit song of summer has been as predictable as the weather, with pop radio payola pushing some cheesy tune right before school got out until your eardrums bled. You’d hear it on the beach. You’d hear it at the pool. You’d hear it in passing cars, on television commercials, on ice cream trucks, on Boombots – even in your sleep! Record sales became CD sales became iTunes singles downloads and the music makers marketing department would laugh all the way to the bank.

This summer something wholly unexpected happened. Carly took her cheerful ditty and wedged it permanently into our heads using social media like Twitter and Youtube. Shit got real, and fast. It was number one for over nine straight weeks. Suddenly Carly was more famous than Rebecca Black and infinitely more likeable.

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Hannah Montana Coon Repellent Saves Hillbilly Santa

The internet is a weird and wonderful place.

There is no doubt about it. In fact it’s part of the reason we haven’t given up on it yet, despite the fact it’s about as far of course as something can be from its original design. We’re fairly certain that when Al Gore invented the thing he never imagined we’d sit around all day long in our pajamas posting pictures of what we ate and Instagraming them, then tagging our friends. Brave new world indeed.

“Wow bro, that burrito is HUGE! LOL” – If we read another LOL we’re going to #BARF. Seriously, do you really laugh out loud after everything like a braying jackass? We don’t think you do. Quick side note – Can you imagine what life would be like if people LOL’d as much in real life as they did in texts, tweets, and Facebook posts? We tried it for a whole day and barely lived through the awkward stares but we challenge you and your friends to give it a go – you know, for the lulz.

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Chinese confuse rubber vagina with rare mushroom

News agency makes big mistake, story goes viral, everyone laughs out loud

Chinese mushroom sex toy

Question – let’s say you’re a news agency and a village calls you up and tells you that, after digging 300 feet below the surface, they came across a mysterious looking – perhaps super-rare – mushroom with two heads.

Would you go or would you dismiss the lead?

You’d go, right?

Okay, good. So would I.

Now let’s say you get there and you notice that this “mushroom”, which is floating around in water, is very rubbery and has two heads. What’s more, one head looks like a vagina, and the other looks like an anus.

Chinese news story confuses sex toy for mushroom

What would you do? Report a story on a mysterious mushroom being found 300 feet in the earth

– OR –

Would you throw your microphone at the head of the person who called your news agency and tell them to stop wasting your f’ing time with some perv’s rubberized play-thang?

The latter, right? Well guess what Xi’an Up Close, a Chinese News Agency, did instead . . .

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