Happy Thanksgiving Everyone – Lookout Weekend

we love you all and we wanted to give you something to share with your family

Thanksgiving is a time for family.  Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and giving.  Thanksgiving is a time for stuffing your face.  Douse that turkey in gravy and put extra butter in your mashed potatoes.  Actually, put extra butter on everything.  When you think you’re done…. you’re not.  Take a breather.  Sip some more egg nog and whiskey.  Nibble on some more cheese.  Watch football.  Then start eating again.

Ok really now.  We are thankful for the opportunity that we have.  Everyday we are learning new things.  We have a vision to make the best ultraportable speakers ever and we are having a blast doing it.  We’re thankful to have a company we are truly passionate about and we hope that we can share our experience with you.


Making the video

Honestly, making a puppet dancing turkey is top-ranked weird   We got a ton of people walking and driving by on the street corner that just thought “WHAT THE HELL?!”  We met several people from all over the world that started recording our turkey dance.

Oddly enough, we started making the cuts and we worried that this crossed the threshold of strange… but at the end of the day, once we added the lazer beam treatment, we felt it was ready for the world.

Say Hello to the Boombotix Artists Series

 SketOne, Uberpup, and DGPH put a graphic assault on the Boombot speaker


This winter we are excited to be launching a new incarnation of Boombots: the Artist Series. By teaming up with a group of designers from around the globe, the Artist Series has given a brand new look to ultraportable speakers. UberPup (London) incorporated graphic mayhem to her piece to exemplify her propensity towards mass chaos. DGPH (Argentina) rolled out an entire set of post-modern abstract work in three amazing palettes. Sket One (Los Angeles) delivered a pad print design called Mr. Grimey that completely put a new face on wireless audio. For a product that originated from urban vinyl toy design, the Artist Series salutes the design roots of the product.

The Artist Series Boombots come in Bluetooth enabled versions (UberPup and Sket One designs) and wired models.  Housed in ruggedized ABS shells and featuring an integrated clip, Boombots allow your music to be taken with you, anytime, anywhere.  Boombots include medical-grade rechargeable batteries, dynamic frequency response, and a no-matter-what one-year warranty.  The Bluetooth models retail for $79.99 and wired models for $54.99.  The Artist Series is available through boombotix.com and select retailers.

A portion of all sales will go towards the hungry artists.  Help us feed them.

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