Count the ways to use a Boombot Speaker

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen so many awesome ways our ultraportable speakers have been used. You can put a boombot on just about anything with it’s wearable clip, and with it’s ruggezed, drop-tested shell you can take it just about anywhere (derp, you already knew that).

We’ve gathered your photos while searching through our Swagonomics and FaceBook pages and compiled the ways you guys use your Boombot. From the extreme chilling to climbing tree tops, yall have done a most excellent job of never missing a beat!!

Check below to see how & where people are using boombot’s all over the world!

chilling in a park

Catching zzz’s in the park while getting tan. Photo cred: tajnihal

vacation with the family

On vacay with the fam! Photo cred: Wheatrick

Mountain biking in the great outdoors!

Mountain biking in the great outdoors! Photo cred: RideSFO

wearable technology

Clip it on your purse like a BOSS. Photo cred: joesavage1988

hungover, tryna function

Hungover attempting to function #yolo !! Photo cred: poppi_d

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