WTF are up with these PSAs from Australia

The purpose is to make you think twice, but we here in the States are simply left wondering “Why?”


Random question for all of our ultraportable speaker loving dudes and dudettes out there — what the flippin’-F is wrong with our Australian neighbors? The country’s Transport Accident Commission, or TAC without the TIC-, has released a series of safety-based public service announcements over the years that are Quentin Tarantino violent and leave you wondering — is there a message here or do they simply give out too much Foster’s when coming up with the concept for each piece?

Workplace Victoria Nail Gun
^Yes, that is a nail sticking out of the boy’s head.^

Below are some of the more jaw-dropping videos I found, the likes of which include a message about the importance of wearing goggles while using a nail gun and why kids should not leave their crap up off the floor . . . what with the high probability that their mom will trip over a toy, fall through a glass table, and die.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the answer’s yes — these videos have won awards.


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101 List of Simple Items that Enhance Your Life

1. Playing cards for the lull moments. You can always occupy a group of people or just yourself with a pack of cards.

2. Pad of paper & pen for things that you know you’ll forget. For a cute girl’s number if your phone is dead, for the name of a song that you want to download, or just to doodle.

3. A plant in the space you spend the largest amount of your time. Whether it’s your office, your bedroom, or your bathroom, a little greenery can only make you happier.

4. A beanie for the unexpected chilly nights.

5. Disposable camera to capture the random moments you want to remember. Or to capture the license plate of the guy that ran over your bike.

Boombotix portable speaker attached to a hottie sucking on a ring pop.

Boombotix portable speaker attached to a hottie sucking on a ring pop.

6. An ultraportable speaker to add life to a social situation. Everybody likes music.

7. A comfortable mattress because a good nights sleep can make all the difference.

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5 things to know about Xbox Music

Microsoft’s new music streaming service is getting ready to go live

Microsoft’s Xbox Music

After (finally) pulling the plug on development for its Zune music service, Microsoft went back to the drawing board and is ready to throw its hat back in the music industry ring (Do I have enough euphemisms in there?)

The good news is that, despite their earlier failures, the company seems to have come out with a decent product tied to a stellar brand name.

Translation: this crazy idea just might work.

Here are 5 things YOU should know about it before it goes live at the end of the month.

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Chain-free, foldable E-bike gets power from pedals

New Mando Footloose bike uses human to generate power

Mando Footloose foldable e-bike

Let’s put it out there: the Mando Footloose is not the first pedal-powered e-bike. There have been plenty of others like it on the market before, and there will be plenty of others to come.

Also, and this is just my humble opinion, the thing isn’t even the best looking e-bike on the market.

Mando Footloose bike – close-up

But for what the bike lacks in looks and originality, it makes up for in its efficiency. You see, the Mando Footloose has completely eliminated the bicycle chain from the whole thing. You know, because bicycle chains are sooo 2011.

The reason — so that the power behind the cyclist’s motion gets translated directly into electricity.

People riding the Mando Footloose

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It’s Friday: You could use some K9 happy

Watch a video of dogs playing—at 1000 frames per second

Orapup video

Happy “Fuck it, it’s Friday”!

Fuck it it's Friday gif

No matter what you do, where you do it, and for however long you have to do it, Friday holds a near and dear part in all our lives. That’s because it marks the end of the work week—for most of us at least—and the start of our 2 days of freedom (sorry to all you waiters, waitresses, and strippers out there that need to work these next two days).

Sometimes, getting through the work week is a job in and of itself. That’s why we here, the makers of the best ultraportable speaker in the galaxy, want to bring you some happy.


With dogs doing dog things. The kicker: it’s at 1000 frames per second (so it’s mad trippy too).

Dog diving in water chasing ball

Filmmaker Devin Graham and his production team used two different cameras to achieve this cinematic masterpiece: one a high-speed FastCAM and the other a Phantom Miro M320S camera.

His video below is actually a commercial for Orapup — a lickable tongue brush for man’s best friend that supposedly eliminates bad breath. I don’t know if it actually works and chances are you’re probably not going to buy the thing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all sit back and forget about all the “ruff” parts this past week with their awesomely executed commercial (did you see what I did there—let’s hear it for puns!)

So relax and enjoy some amazing video of dogs chasing balls, dogs jumping in pools, and dogs being, well, dogs.

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