Boombotix Now at Urban Outfitters


For as long as I can remember, Urban Outfitters has been synonymous with hip. The first thing I ever bought there was a pair of blue Carhartt pants with purple pinstripes. Hippest thing to hit my wardrobe since my yellow Fubu baseball jersey I wore on the first day of high school (Don’t judge me. I was a young and confused kid from the suburbs trying to artificially establish street cred). In college, Urban Outfitters was my go-to clothing store outside of the boutiques in Taipei’s Ximen district.

A decade later, I’m not just a customer of Urban Outfitters. My company is now a vendor and they are a partner in our online distribution. When we first approached them, they were intrigued by what was happening in the world of wearable tech. They had a slew of retro boomboxes in their lineup, but they had never seen anything quite like the Boombot REX. Previously, they’d carried speakers that fall more in the novelty category, but now they were taking a serious look at a more premium grade portable speaker. They wanted a portable speaker that really fit the lifestyle requirements of their market.

Urban Outfitters Speaker

Oddly enough, the other thing that piqued their interest was our placement in the NYC and SF based boutique, Dijital Fix. This was one of those cases where investing some time into building the specialty market translated into a larger retailer taking notice. Apparently the buyer from Urban Outfitters has based a lot of his buying decisions based on the meticulous curation done by David Auerbach’s store. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Boombotix drops in music stands today!

JUST IN!!!! Boombotix hits music stands today! Check out Filter Magazines Good Music Guide #37 that drops today and you can find us in their product review section featuring the BB2. WHAT WHAT!!! Hardcopies are also available  at Urban Outfitters stores and Landmark Theaters locations.









Click here to download the pdf version of the magazine and let us know what you think.

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