Happy Valentine’s Day — Here’s My Heart

Mobile app built for Hallmark holiday walks fine line between creepy and cute

Re:Beat mobile app

You could go with a dozen roses, box of chocolates, awesomely loud portable speaker, or you could go mobile app and download Re:Beat. It records and animates a person’s heartbeat to share with loved ones no matter how far away they might be.

Re:Beat heartbeat screenshot

The app was created by Swedish mobile VoIP service Rebtel and is free on both iOS and Android. The way it works is pretty straightforward: it uses the device’s camera to sense a person’s average heart beat per minute. The user simply presses their finger against the camera and it detects the rate by measuring subtle changes in the user’s finger color.

If the sensor doesn’t work, the user taps the rhythm of their heartbeat against the phone. The screen will then animate the rhythm into a digital beating heart while at the same time vibrating and making sound.

Re:Beat tap screen

When the recording’s ready to go, there are five types of message to choose from, ranging from “I’m just a heartbeat away” to “My heart beats for you”. The message can be sent via Facebook, Twitter, or text message.

Video promo of the app below:

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