Orange 20 Cup coming to Encino Velodrome, -August 22nd

velodrome bike race

If you have massive quadriceps and abnormally large lugs or you are a PBR chuggin’ pot belly stoner, this is the race for you.  If you are a super tight jeaned, tattoo sleeved, chain-smoking hipster, this is the race for you.  If your ride fixed and you ride fast, then please make it out to the Encino Velodrome for the Orange20 Cup on August 22nd at 7:00pm under the lights.

Recommended training regiment: Daily diet of burritos and coffee followed by a cigarette and three pessimistic remarks.

May the best rider win.  Winners will have their choice of Chrome bags, Boombotix ultraportable speakers, and much much more.  Big thanks to Orange20 for putting this event together.

Team Rider Jason Clary heads to Fixed Fest

Jason Clary heads to Jakarta, Indonesia this week in an effort to charge the leaderboard in one of the most coveted fixed gear bike races in the world.  As you can see, the lineup is stacked with sponsors from everyone who is anyone.  This event brings some of the biggest names in fixed gear racing.  Jason Clary is known best for riding fast and slaying the local asian women.  He was quoted saying, “I’m not sure which I like more, the high level of competition or just all the girls!!  I’m gonna be bringing my new pro model BB2 speaker and shred Jakarta!”

Check out the schedule:

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Velo City 2010, Aug. 28th at Hellyer Velodrome


The Velocity Tour is an annual multi-city event for bike couriers  and other urban cyclists to try and compete in the sport of track racing. The main competition for this event is for airfare to the Cycle Messenger World Championships, held this year in Panajachal Guatemala. There will also be a prize for the top city cyclist and a fixed gear freestyle competition as well.

This an excellent opportunity to make a meaningful impact within the urban cycling community, as it draws not only the Bay Area’s fastest messengers competing for the ticket and the local trackies looking to show off, but we are also holding a fixed gear freestyle competition to attract the less speed focused more style minded riders and giving them an opportunity to strut their stuff too.