Brian Williams’ cover of the classic Snoop Dogg song, ‘Gin and Juice’

NBC newsman is edited to the point that the song comes off pitch-perfect

When you work in audio technology, you’re constantly looking for what’s new on the music scene. songs, artists, bands, whatever, and when we come across something new and fun, we like to share it with all y’all audiophiles out there.


That said, you absolutely have to check these videos out. They were produced by The Tonight Show, and they feature NBC News’ Brian Williams rapping to popular, classic hip-hop tracks. A few weeks ago, they dropped “Rapper’s Delight” to much fanfare (it has 8,998,048 views as of the time this post is being written), and just last night, they dropped the latest video edit mash-up, “Gin and Juice”.


Kudos to The Tonight Show’s video editor, who does a fan-friggent-tastic job at cutting the Williams clips together, so much so that if one were to close their eyes and hear Williams say the line “G’s up, hoes down, while you motherfuckers bounce to this,” you’d think the popular news anchor had actually said that line during one of his broadcasts.

Check out the videos below. First, the Brian Williams “Rapper’s Delight” clip:

And now check out the Brian Williams “Gin and Juice” video:

What is Prancercise?

New exercise craze is the weirdest thing you’ll see this side of the Internet

Looking for new ways to get your body ready for the beach this summer? You might want to try the latest exercise craze that’s sweeping the Interwebs: prancercise.


Yes, you read that right. The exercise is called “prancercise” and it’s a “springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait.” Doing so, according to Joanna Rohrback, the host of the Prancercise workout video which has drawn close to three quarters of a million views since being uploaded, works out the abs and glute, and leaves you feeling spent, yet elated.


Now, words will only get me so far – this is something you need to see in order to believe its legitimacy. So strap on your ultraportable speaker and get ready for your favorite new workout: prancercise.

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Trippy experimental video defines all visual logic

Viral video by filmmaker Will Witte achieves amazing visual effects sans computer

If you’ve got two minutes to spare, you HAVE to check out this super-trippy video from filmmaker Will Witte.

Will Witte screengrab video

It is, essentially, a running loop of screen grabs set to music by Kevin McAlpine, and what’s so cool about it is the fact that everything Witte achieves visually in the video is done using analog visual techniques; that is, sans the aid of any sort of computer.

Watch it once, be impressed. Watch it a second time, you’ll be curious how he did it. If you get to the tenth time of watching it, be warned, you may break your brain.


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Awesome stop-action music video – “Her Morning Elegance”

Artist goes low-cost and creative rather than big budget and overdone

Why go big budget when you can go cheap and creative? At least, that was the thinking for music artist Oren Lavie, who opted to go stop motion over elaborate sets and overdone costume designs for his new song “Her Morning Elegance” off the album The Opposite Side of the Sea.

Her Morning Elegance Stop Motion Video

The result? A viral video (over 25m views) and a much, much bigger fanbase.

Video after the jump!

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What is the Harlem Shake?

Dance looks like it might be 2013’s Gangnam Style

The Harlem Shake

Heard of the Harlem Shake yet? If not, you will soon — the popular dance is making waves on YouTube right now and is looking like it just might be this year’s version of last year’s “Gangnam Style”.

Brief history behind it: the dance actually started way back in 1981 in Harlem and was originally called the “albee”. It went mainstream in 2001 when G-Dep featured it in his music video “Let’s Get It” and has been in a bunch of other music videos since, including CunninLynguist’s “Old School” and Nelly’s “Dilemma”.

The dance officially went viral in 2013 when the song “Harlem Shake” was released by American producer Baauer. In the short time since its release, the dance has gone viral and a bunch of ridiculously hilarious YouTube videos have been uploaded since then of people doing the dance.

Before we get into some of them, here’s an instructional video on how to do the Harlem Shake:

Now grab your loudest portable speaker, download the “Harlem Shake”, and get dancing:

Firefighter edition of the Harlem Shake:

Army edition of the Harlem Shake:

Nintendo edition of the Harlem Shake:

Laundry edition of the Harlem Shake:

Dorm room version of the Harlem Shake: