Pedal-less kid’s bike from Porsche gives youngins taste of the good life in their early years

Ridiculously cool ride is stupidly priced

Oh Volkswagen—we love your cars. From the Jetta to the Porsche, you put out many a quality product.

But why? Why would you ever come out with something like this?


That there is the Porsche Kid’s Bike, a pedal-less ride that gives the kid who has everything just a little bit more of the good life.

Built using lightweight aluminum and sporting the Porsche logo, this two-wheel starter bike comes with cushioned handlebars, ergonomic saddle, and the best sounding bell money can buy.


Naturally, as it is a Porsche brand, the bike is convertible. An extension handle can be attached to it so that the parent, er, nanny, can push the child along the street or sidewalk.

When the little one is a bit older and their feet can touch the ground, the handlebar can be removed and he or she can use the bike to coast themselves along.

The obvious question: how much does something like this cost? Well, in true Porsche fashion, the bike does not disappoint: $435.


Good luck topping that gift next holiday season.