Biometrics and Wearable Technology Trends


Screenshot of the Nike Fuel band show you some of the activities you’ve done.

There are two major categories of wearable technology. There are those that are providing biometrics for the quantified self (Fitbit, Basis Watch, Jawbone UP and Nike Fuel), and those that are extending smartphone functionality (Smartwatches, Google Glass, Boombot). Today I want to specifically address devices related to the quantified self. The quantified self refers to a technology where users can see data about the thing they do. Often times the data is ported to the cloud where it can be quantified, manipulated and shared. In theory, the concept of the quantified self promises a world where we are increasingly knowledgable of what is going on in our bodies so we can either be healthier or at least know the damage we are doing.

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Audiophile has headphones implanted in his ear

Surgical experiment allows user to pick up audio signals sans wire

Wearable technology is all the rage these days. Surgically implanted technology, however, is a frontier not many are willing to cross. Luckily, we have people like Rich Lee willing to put his body through the trials and tribulations of what’s known as a grinder; that is, experiments with surgical implants or body enhancements.

You see, Lee recently had a small magnet implanted in his tragus—the hard-ass protrusion on the inside of one’s ear canal—for the purpose of having it act like an earbud in his head.

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Concept: What if we embedded a GoPro into a Boombot?

There’s already a microphone. Why not add an HD Camera?



When I think of GoPro, I think about the ultimate experience capturing device. When I think about Boombot speakers, I think about a device that creates the best experience. I’ve always been a fan of wearable technology and device consolidation. When I say device consolidation, I believe that over time, we will make a movement towards owning fewer devices that perform a broader set of tasks. I came up with this concept taking two great outdoor gadgets and consolidating them into one. This concept product integrates a GoPro Hero3 HD Camera and builds it into a Boombot REX ultraportable speaker.

Additional Mounting Positions

The Boombot REX clip design would actually allow for a lot of additional mounting positions for a GoPro. Using it on a back pack strap or on pockets might provide some new and innovative POV camera angles.

GoPro-with-Boombot Concept Speaker Camera

Mobile Video Editor

Imagine being able to film your video content anywhere in the world in high resolution. Using smartphone based editing software, you would be able to edit your content on the fly and play back the audio using a full fidelity speaker built into the same device. You could have music playback during your activity and just use raw audio to capture added realism. This is what I was listening to and this is where I was.

Real-time Content Captured on the Cloud

You could create a Youstream channel and broadcast live all day. You might never miss a moment if you capture all of it. Might want to consider upgrading your data plan.

Anyhow, this is just some silly idea I had. Or maybe it’s not so silly after all. What do you think?

Smartwatches – The Future of Connected Devices or Just a Flash on the Wrist?

Metawatch Frame used to control the Boombot REX

Metawatch Frame used to control the Boombot REX

Since the launch of the Pebble, there has been a ton of hype around wearable tech and connected devices.  With rumor that Apple is releasing the iWatch, the second wave of hype is upon us.  A number of naysayers have been downplaying these accessories as being unnecessary bi-products of today’s gadget craze.  I’m here to say that smartwatches are here to stay.  I’ve used a smartwatch to control music playback on wireless portable speakers, get my texts, and ensure that I don’t miss my calendar dates.  With Apple jumping on board this wagon, this market is going to be matured and validated in a fraction of the time.  They are only going to get better, more useful, and more normal.  The technology will become more seamless, efficient, and awesome.

Do you think this is just a tech fad?  Or is it a fix to some real world problems?

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Top 10 pieces of wearable technology

Companies are taking their gadgets out of pockets and incorporating them into clothing instead

Skateboarder wearing portable speaker

The days of carrying your gadgets and gizmos in your pockets are quickly coming to a close. On the horizon – technology that you can wear. There are already some gadgets, like our Bluetooth portable speakers, which have long been established as wearable tech, but there are other companies like, say, Apple with their expected iWatch, that are just now throwing their hats into the ring for this hot new market.

Here are 10 wearable pieces of technology that are either already on the market or are scheduled to soon hit the shelves that you should definitely know about.

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