Snoop Dogg “Reincarnated” as Snoop Lion

Love & peace & unity dominates Snoop’s new sound

When we first heard that Snoop Dogg had decided to start making reggae music under the name Snoop Lion, we thought it was a joke of some sort, kinda like that strange Joaquin Phoenix hoax where he pretended to be a gangster rapper for a documentary. Yeah, that went over well — especially for Casey Affleck. Then the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. No one smokes more weed than Snoop. It only makes sense that eventually the principles and ideals of Rastafarianism would make an impact on him, since they consider it a sacred herb God gave to them. No word on whether or not Snoop Lion is a Jah loving rasta who believes Haile Selassie is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ yet, or whether or not Snoop plans on growing him some dreads and preaching on Babylon. That would be so epic!

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Snoop Dogg Arrested for Possession of Weed: Take SIX!

Snoop Dogg likes marijuana. This is a fact.

Marijuana to Snoop Dogg is like milk to a baby.  To Snoop, rolling massive joints while on tour is practically a job.  Snoop Dogg was arrested for possession of marijuana at border patrol checkpoint at Sierra Blanca (Texas).  They found several unsmoked joints in the trash can on his touring bus.  This is the same spot Willie Nelson was busted at in 2010.  Although Snoop has a medical marijuana card in California, Texas authorities dont seem to give two shits about his prescription.
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