Daft Punk to launch highly anticipated album at Wee Waa agriculture show

Bizarre report confirmed by multiple sources

Daft Punk in field

Before we get into this story, let’s just get one thing straight – the Annual Wee Waa Show in Wee Waa, Australia (also referred to Australia’s “cotton capital”) isn’t the next SXSW festival.

In fact, tickets for the agriculture show are maxed out at a somewhat modest 4,000.

Welcome to Wee Waa sign

You see, the Wee Waa Show is a festival known more so for its dog high-jump competitions, cross-cut saw contests, and baby shows. It offers a communal atmosphere in everything it has to offer and it’s this very essence, according to the Melbourne Herald Sun at least, that led the French DJ’s to choose to launch their next album, Random Access Memories, at the festival on Friday, May 17.

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People still Google’ing “Who is running for president” – right up to election day

Proves Google is still ridiculously popular way to search for things; also, Americans don’t pay attention to the news


Seriously America?

I came across this story on Gizmodo and it struck me as so unbelievably bizarre that I had to check it out for myself. Unfortunately, the results of my investigation proved true: Google has seen a spike in traffic over the last three months, leading all the way up to and including today, for the search phrase, “who is running for president?”

Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself:

Crazy, right? The chart is from the “Google Trends” website and it shows often U.S. folk searched the aforementioned phrase over the past three months. As you can see, there are spikes throughout the various weeks, and they’re likely associated with nights that the debates were televised. But why are we still seeing spikes all the way into November? If you don’t know who is running for president, why are you even going out to vote?

Fuck it, I’m inadequate gif

Now, is this more a reflection of how tightly integrated digital technology is in our lives nowadays, or does this speak more so to the fact that the average American out there really doesn’t pay enough attention to what’s happening in the world around them?

Comments from the politically savvy, portable speaker loving crowd are encouraged below:

Top 10 Photos from the Running of the Bulls 2012

Amazing pictures from this year’s Festival of San Fermin

Photo from running of the bulls

There are things on my bucket list I have yet to achieve:

Jumping out of a plane (with a parachute, ya bunch of smart-asses).

Ski the Rockies.

Travel to Paris.

You know what’s not on there?

Run through the streets of Pamplona, Spain, being chased by a bunch of pissed off bulls.

But for some, this is a lifelong dream: to travel to Espana for the annual Festival of San Fermin. The event itself attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year, where they get drunk, soaking wet, and on occasion, gored, over the course of nine days.

The whole thing starts off with enormous crowds getting shit-faced at the Chupinazo in Pamplona’s town square. Then there are carnivals, fireworks, a bunch of bullfights, and all throughout it, the “encierros”, or . . .

“The Running of the Bulls.”

The Festival of San Fermin dates back to 1591 and while it remains just as popular as the day it was founded, it’s also wildly controversial, as every year a bunch of knuckleheads end up getting injured one way or another (more often than not, it’s during the actual running part).

The 2012 Festival just ended, and the highlight of the whole thing was, naturally, the running of the bulls. A ton of great photos came from the run and given that we are the makers of the best performance portable speakers in the world, it’s obviously our aim to please, so we figure – why let them float around the internet for everyone else to see? Let’s slap ’em up here.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 best photos captured from this year’s event.

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Tightrope Walker Survives Scary Fall

Video shows daredevil fall several hundred feet to the ground

Chinese tightrope walker

What does this Chinese tightrope walker have in common with our portable speakers? They’re both drop-test approved.

Too soon junior

All kidding aside, this crazy mo-fo is lucky to be alive. You see, this past Sunday, Aisikaier — that’s the tightrope walker’s name — tried walking backwards across a ravine. To make matters even more difficult, he was blindfolded.

Chinese tightrope walker falls

Right there, you could tell that shit was probably not going to end well.

He slipped at the beginning of the walk (again, another sign), before regaining his balance and continuing on. The daredevil almost completed the rest of his half-mile walk – he was just 130-feet from the end – but whipping winds and a case of dizziness from walking backwards for 50 minutes straight caused him to lose his balance again, whereupon he dropped his pole, and gravity dropped his ass to the ground.

The shocking video shows Aisikaier as he falls a total of 656 feet into a wooded area below which, luckily, broke his fall. He was found to suffer only minor injuries.

As a matter of fact, the end of the tape shows he’s even able to walk off on his own power.

Click thru to see it for yourself:

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