Music Bullet vs. Boombotix Boombot2

Music Bullet speakerWhen comparing and contrasting a Red Delicious to say, a Florida Naval, we’re likely to turn up empty on all comparisons other than one; they are both fruit. The same can be said about comparing the As Seen on TV gimmick product ‘Music Bullet’ and the BoomBotix Boombot1 or Boombotix Boombot2.  They both amplify sound. The rest? Apples. Oranges.

With the big promises we know and love about infomercials, it appears the Magic Bullet has overpromised its customers according to reviews.

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Speaker Showdown: X-mini vs. Boombotix BB1

xmini portable speaker versus boombotix bb1

Portable speaker battle royale

Looking to buy a portable speaker? Well, you need not look any further than two of the gadget industry’s most popular portable speaker providers (say that three times fast): the X-mini and Boombotix BB1. They’re incredible devices for their size and both have done fairly well when it comes to product reviews.

When you compare them head-to-head, though, their differences become a bit more obvious. This can help you, the prospective portable speaker purchasee, a great deal in making the best buy for your hard earned buck (cue “The more you know” PSA).

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