Call Me Maybe, the Creepy Chat Roulette Dude Version

Chat Roulette Meets ‘Call Me Maybe’ With Hilarious Results

By now we’re certain that you’ve heard of Carly Rae Jepsen, the girl who sings “Call Me Maybe” and who has, inadvertently, spawned countless parodies. If you haven’t we’ll give you this moment to VIEW THE ORIGINAL and catch yourself up to speed.

For about as long as anyone can remember the hit song of summer has been as predictable as the weather, with pop radio payola pushing some cheesy tune right before school got out until your eardrums bled. You’d hear it on the beach. You’d hear it at the pool. You’d hear it in passing cars, on television commercials, on ice cream trucks, on Boombots – even in your sleep! Record sales became CD sales became iTunes singles downloads and the music makers marketing department would laugh all the way to the bank.

This summer something wholly unexpected happened. Carly took her cheerful ditty and wedged it permanently into our heads using social media like Twitter and Youtube. Shit got real, and fast. It was number one for over nine straight weeks. Suddenly Carly was more famous than Rebecca Black and infinitely more likeable.

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Free Treasure Island tickets and portable speakers? Say what…

outside lands

Are you too broke to go to Treasure Island?  Many of us didn’t budget for every rageful luxury such as Outside Lands and Burning Man and Treasure Island while being able to eat and pay rent in San Francisco.  Many of us working in a bootstrapped startup (ourselves included) have hoards of energy and creativity, but no time or money to see a lineup including The XX, M83, SBTRKT, AraabMuzik, and Public Enemy.  If you are dying to see this insanely fat lineup and you only have enough dollars to buy Hot Cheetos and Takis then we have just the ticket…literally.

Here’s the deal though; We’re not going to do some lame raffle to get your email address and build a spam list.  We just want to be amused by your desperate attempts to ruthlessly self promote.

To win a ticket, we provide you with the extravagance of choice.

If you own a boombot you can do the following:

  1. Make a video of how you utilize with your ultra portable speaker and upload it onto YouTube and Facebook.
  2. Take an exceptionally artsy Instagram photo with your Boombot in a beautiful landscape, cityscape, wherever. Upload it onto Swagonomics and Facebook and voile! You’ve entered!

For those poor Boombot-less souls, you can enter these ways:

  1. Write a blog post explaining how Treasure Island is screaming your name and why you need a Boombot in your life.
  2. Take a photo of yourself being awesome.
  3. Draw a cartoon or picture related to music and having fun.

We aren’t going to give away a free two-day ticket out of sympathy (we ain’t ballin’), but if you have a legitimately awesome video, photo, blog post or drawing send it to for a chance to win.  Be sure to include “Treasure Island FREE ticket” in your subject header. We’re also giving away a festival survival kit including a free Boombot2, a blanket, beach ball, bubbles, pack of gum, and other necessary items.

How it works: The super qualified judges from Boombotix choose their favorite 5 contestants. Starting October 3 our Facebook fans vote for who they like the most.


Don’t Know Much About Rock & Roll History

Handy Youtube Video Takes You on Rollicking Tour of the History of Rock

So you want to learn more about the history of rock and roll but you don’t have time to go back to school or take a class at the Learning Tree? It’s not like they offer online courses in rock history from Phoenix University, at least that we know about. Even if they did we’re not giving up our whole summer to memorize facts about how many girls Eddie Van Halen nailed on tour in 1987.

How about this instead– you give Alex Chadwick 12 minutes and he’ll play it for you, in chronological order. Seems fair.

The Chicago-based guitar player has become an overnight viral hit in his effort to play 100 famous guitar riffs offering a rock n’ roll history dating from 1952 to present day — all in one take. Usually you have to do something super embarrassing to reach this level of internet fame so you know he must be stoked.

Chadwick, an employee of the Chicago Music Exchange, seamlessly shreds through the familiar riffs from songs by artists ranging from Chet Atkins “Mr. Sandman” to instantly recognizable classics like “Wipeout” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” – on a 1958 Fender Stratocaster.

There is something in there for everyone from early rock to grunge to metal to alternative. Chadwick admits two important things about the video, which has been viewed over 1.4 million times since it went live early last month. The first is that he was not the first person to come up with the brilliant idea. He was the first to put the songs in order though, so we give him credit for that, as well as his honesty. The second and far more important admission is that he accidentally forgot to add Radiohead to the list. We thought we were losing our minds there for a minute. We’re glad he cleared that up, because skipping them is a crime. He also said he meant to include “Wild Thing” and “Ziggy Stardust” and will probably do follow up videos to cover his mistakes.

The video was created to promote a contest at the store he works at – “the Ultimate Vintage Giveaway” – but the response it’s gotten is way bigger than they ever expected.

“The reaction has been overwhelming,” Chadwick told “I don’t think anyone here expected it to take off the way it did, and we’ve had a ton of positive feedback.”

While Chadwick did play all the riffs in one take, effortlessly switching from song to song, it took more than just one try to get it that way.

“I ruined a few good takes just by knocking over the slide I had to use on a few tracks, and I completely missed one of the re-tunings on one take,” he said. Since he’s a practiced musician, his fingers weren’t sore after the marathon session and all the practicing that led up to it, but admits “my shoulder was pretty destroyed after weeks of running through the tunes.”

Try closing your eyes the first time you listen to it and seeing how many you know from heart. It’s much harder than you think. Enjoy. Discuss. Share.

Impress your friends and win a bar bet or two with these 10 technology facts

Add some wrinkles to your noggin with these random did-you-knows

When you’re the manufacturer of the best portable speakers in the world, it helps to know a thing or two about technology.

Now, granted, the following 10 random facts that you are about to read have absolutely nothing to do with acoustic technology but hey, this proves that we were paying attention in class.

Or that we learned how to use Google really, really well.

Anyway, enjoy:

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